In the year 1066, the Saxon-Dane rulers of England were overthrown and replaced by new invaders.... The Normans

By the end of the year, the old king was gone and the fate of the country was changed for ever.

The Norman Timeline

For the purposes of this site, this timeline is very compressed and only highlights some of the more important dates in the history of the Normans. It is not complete - as people learn more about the past, old events which may have seemed insignificant take on a new meaning. If you have any suggestions for an important event then send an email to Etrusia with the details and we will see about adding it to our list.

The Frankish King Charles the Simple grants the Viking Rollo land in what is now northern France. This land becomes known as "Normandy" and the people who live there are known as the "Normans."
The Italians request the Normans send an army to help them defend their land. On arrival the Normans like the country and invade it themselves.
Nineteen year old, William The Bastard wins his first major engagement at the battle of Val Es Dunes on the Norman / Frankish border.
Duke Willam of Normandy (obviously didnt like his old nickname) invades England putting an end to the 500 or so years of Saxon rule.
Germans attack Rome, the Norman armies drive back the Germans and save the Pope only to raid Rome themselves.
King William I of England orders the Domesday Book be compiled.
Norman led crusaders, following Pope Urban II's orders, capture Jerusalem and massacre the occupants.
King Henry I's nephew Stephen goes to war with the Empress Matilda and brings nearly two decades of anarchy to the Norman lands.
The French King Phillip II invades and conquers Normandy. Most of the Normans in England decide to stay and become English. Most of the Normans in France become French. The Normans themselves effectively cease to exist.

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