In the year 1066, the Saxon-Dane rulers of England were overthrown and replaced by new invaders.... The Normans

By the end of the year, the old king was gone and the fate of the country was changed for ever.

Norman Articles.

Currently the following articles are online:

Who Were the Normans?
Who were the Normans? This article gives a short background into who they were, where they came from and why they became known as the Normans.
Norman TimeLines
Timeline - this covers some of the more important dates during the time of the Normans.
Norman Kings
Norman Kings (and one Emperess) This covers the Norman rulers of Britain from AD1066 until the mid Medieval period and the death of King Richard II in AD1399.

The Norman Website.

This part of the Etrusia web family is dedicated to looking at the period of British history when the Saxons and Danes were supplanted by another invader - the Normans. < Home Page >...

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